Five Fast Facts About the Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are usually not low-cost. On common you may anticipate to pay $2,000-$three,000 for one.

Nevertheless, if you happen to’ve socked away your “cavalier king charles spaniel puppies” and are contemplating shopping for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or “Cav” as lovers name them, there are 5 stuff you may not know. Earlier than you fall beneath the spell of the large eyes and floppy ears, just a few suggestions from a Cav proprietor…

1) Whereas Cavs decelerate as they age, do not take this as an excuse to not stroll the canine. They love walks, although they could appear to sleep more often than not when at house. As your Cav turns seven or eight, common walks grow to be extra essential, and the train will maintain you transferring too.

2) Cavs get knots of their fur extra simply than any breed I’ve ever recognized excluding the Maltese–I co-owned one with my grandmother and saved its coat brief. Cav coats are naturally brief on high, lengthy across the paws, tail, throat, ears, and stomach, which is the place the tangles seem. In addition they get leaves and grass caught of their fur, particularly within the lengthy tail. Nevertheless, rinse within the sink will care for the grass and leaves. As for the tangles, a Love Glove, accessible from pet shops, is gentler on the Cav’s delicate nerve endings than different canine brushes.

three) Cavs are simply distractible and can chase after rabbits and birds like bloodhounds. Pay attention to this now. Put money into obedience coaching from the beginning. Nevertheless, they’re additionally terrific at alerting you to noises at evening.

four) I name the Cav eyes “hypnotic eyes” as a result of as soon as they have a look at you, you attain in a trance for a morsel out of your plate or for the Beggin’ Strips. As a substitute, repeat this mantra after me: vet payments, vet payments, vet payments…

5) Cavs are probably the most delicate canine on the planet. In mattress with the flu? Simply try to pry that canine away. Unhappy? Your Cav will lick your tears away. Feeling barely blue or have the sniffles? The canine can be proper by your aspect. Priceless.

Simply seek advice from this pre-owner’s handbook and your Cav can be a loyal, pleasant companion for years to come back.

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